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( ( ( Kindness Ripples ) ) ) is about bringing more kindness and joy to the world. ~ ~ Your ripple could be featured next!

Where does this ( ( ( Kindness Ripples ) ) ) idea go from here?  I’m really not sure, but it is lots of fun!  Truly it is!

We learn by doing…. If someone wants to share a drawing and a story we will echo your story…. and the more ripples you create that farther that all of your collective stories will travel!

If you want your art to be echoed on 11/11, please submit by 11/1.  (I need enough time to present your art in the best light possible.)

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Ripple #1 starts here.



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Artwork by Tracy Lee Stum.

As the ripples are published, you will find them in the blog posts links below and many will be featured in special communications to inspire others.