Inspiration for Creation!

To help you get started I have links to supplies and ideas to spread kindness which are truly INFINITE! 

The suggested goal of this website is to increase positive feelings in the world around us and to thank people for their kindness.

Let’s improve together on this idea.  Please send your suggestions.

Doing this is as SIMPLE as writing “Kindness Ripples” and thanking someone who inspired you.

Yet I am pretty certain there will be some people who will go beyond this basic idea.  Here is some inspiring work other people have created with chalk.

This is one of my favorite artists!

And here is a compilation of many artists:

This is 4D art (more than 3D!) from one of my favorite artists again (and when you send me your art, I will feature it too!) =)

For the talented 3D artists out there…. Here is a wish I’d love to see where 2 people can touch a ripple and take a picture doing it.  It would look something like this:

This is also a cute idea that anyone can do: