We can help ourselves and others in the world feel happier and more connected to each other, by offering examples of kindness, which we all really need, especially now.
I would love you to experience this artistic possibility where you live, so together we can make the world feel brighter and more colorful in LOTS of wonderful places.
There is one established 3D artist with an inspiring vibrant spirit that we are doing a drawing project on October 14/15th, visit here for details.
You are invited to share your ripple before 11/11.  Tell a story of kindness and we’ll share it!
We will learn as we go.  Suggestions to improve our experience on this journey are always welcome,
Thanks for visiting.
~ Kimberly


  1. Decide who to thank for kindness
  2. Decide where you want to do the drawing
  3. Draw the words “Kindness Ripples” with the website www.KindnessInspires.US on the outside, if you wish.  That way people will know anyone is invited to participate.
  4. Send us a picture or video of your drawing and a story via the website.   If you use #Thanks4Kindness in a social media post, we might find you.
  5. Please subscribe here if you want to see the stories from this event.
  6. Most importantly, the point isn’t WHO knows that you did this, but for you to discover HOW AWESOME IT FEELS!


While it is your art to do as you please, we feel stating the following can help us all:

  1. Try to get permission first to do it or keep it small.
  2. Use best judgement with traffic flow.
  3. Use only TEMPORARY sidewalk chalk as a medium. NO paints, oils, gesso, liquid pastels or fixatives.
  4. Sweeping the site or even washing it with water and letting it dry, gives best results.
  5. The focus is on the kindness, not Joe’s widgets, but Joe might sell widgets,
  6. Try not to make it  a business advertisement in the drawing itself.  (The focus is on the kindness, not Joe’s widgets, but Joe might sell widgets, so use artistic discretion to be sure it’s about kindness not Joe’s widgets.  …mmmkay?)
  7. Artwork should be appropriate for all viewing ages.
  8. To clean up just pour water on it. For heavy chalk a whisk broom with water will remove the rest.

Do you have your chalk ready?
Here are Amazon links for you
(or visit your local art store)