Supplies & Links to Buy

To help you get started I have links other artists and ideas to spread kindness.  (And I am always open to your suggestions.)

I am providing you links to Amazon to buy supplies to make it easy to participate.   I’m not making money off these links.  It’s just the right thing to do the help get things rolling! =)


You can also pick up supplies at Michael’s Art Supply.  They have the neon chalk with the 3D glasses for about $10.  I prefer ordering online because it is a real time saver!

48 Count Crayolas
~ Approximately $10
Need lots of chalk? This should keep you busy for a while. Get 2 boxes if you think you will use a particular color alot.  (Like blue for water or red for hearts.(

5 Fat NEON Crayola Chalk Sticks
~ Approximately $5
Great for doing 3D.   Bright and bold. I buy my chalk and glasses separately. Reason being is the pack that includes the glasses doesn’t protect the chalk well and it could get smashed when shipping it.

3D Glasses
$1.50 Each
I’d get at least 3 pair. Depending if you want to leave glasses after you leave, maybe you’ll want more pairs.  What’s cool about these glasses is with the hole you can use string to tie the glasses to a tree and leave a love note too…. And neither are likely to accidentally disappear.


48 Koss Artists’ Soft Pastels
~Approximately $28
These are what professional chalkers often use. They are environmentally safe and have a wide range of color. These are much smaller than Crayolas, but a higher quality.


The is a recipe for serious artists which is necessary when doing large scale art with alot of a particular color or working with very porous surfaces that eat chalk.