Ripple #4

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The video above is a story about a cafe owner, Merrie, who has a tradition of making 4th of July murals on the side of her building.

This year she featured one of Michelle Obama’s historic speeches. I interviewed Merrie and discovered an individual who is very committed to making her community a better place.

I learned of 2 examples, encouraging everyone to eat organic, and advocacy for marine mammals against sonar and seismic testing.

The marine mammal issue is on-going and could have significant consequences for whales and dolphins.

The video from the outset wasn’t intended to be a marine advocacy issue, but this is what unfolded from the experience.

I figured if I was going to bring this up, I better have good info to back up my words.

As a result I contacted Alaska Sealife, field researchers, a global marine advocate and the legal council that successfully sued the Navy.



Please do not contact Merrie for action on this.  She is 71 years old and is no longer very active on this issue.


Basically the scientists are saying that ALL sonar and seismic operators GLOBALLY have an ethical obligation to members of our planet to report these types of activities or not do them at all.

The biggest problem we have is the lawyers creating a catch-22 in our legal system.  Even if the activity will kill animals; as long as it doesn’t kill more than the population can bear to lose, it is legally still permitted.

Until you can prove with baseline data that seismic and sonar testing is likely to lead to population level decline, this activity isn’t likely to be regulated.

The fundamental issue is the lawyers don’t even have baseline data to argue their case.  —- SO THEY ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?!!!  (yup.)

We all know if the lawyers didn’t receive big paychecks from their corporate sponsors, they would sing a different tune on this clearly unethical activity.

Marine scientists stated that to support their work protecting marine life, they need two things:

  1.  A central reporting system for ALL sonar and seismic activity.
  2. Acquire baseline data in areas before they are impacted.

In the event that you know someone willing to take leadership for a central reporting system, please contact me.

Most people don’t have the power to affect the change needed, you can help by remaining informed at some level and educating others.  You never know who you know that knows somebody who….

Small donations: ~Legal council that sued the Navy which then compelled them to fund research on their marine impact.
Speak up: Register your voice compels the Navy to notice you on their actions. (Remember though, it is a global issue, not just one military group is responsible to fix this.)  Given the mismanagement of public communication, I recommend write what you want to say and copy it to all 3 links.  Link 1 Link2 Link3
Learn about the relevant marine biology:  This can be a heart breaking topic. I tried to find the most encouraging and instructive sources.  Here’s the link I found.


For those that missed it, the phrase “When they go low, we go high” is from a historic, beautiful and sometimes funny speech worth listening to more than ONCE!

1 minute 25 seconds to 2 minutes 48 seconds is where you will find this quote and context.  I get chills at 2 minutes 30.  We need this vibration on our airwaves!  This article more fully explains the context of her speech.

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