Creating Kindness, 1 Smile at a Time With YOU!

UPDATE: Due to the enormous firestorms in California, I have no energy to further nurture this kindness project, but I like it’s potential a great deal.

WELCOME! ~ Feelings are like the music soundtracks to our lives. The tone of this music changes EVERYTHING.   The better we feel, the more empowered we can be collectively to improve life for us all.

Friends of KindnessInspires.US gathered at ChalktoberFest on Oct. 14/15th to create more positive vibes in the world around us. We gave out post cards, made inspiring signs, left quotes in random places, played music about kindness and shared stories.

Together we gave a lot more people reasons to smile.


We all need more kindness, especially now.  We hope you will help us spread the idea by thanking people in unique ways for their kindness.

We are excited TO LEARN HOW to do this with you and create more love, color and kindness in the world!

Join US!  Here’s how:

Engage in conversation and use the hashtags #Thanks4Kindness and #GoodGoesRound in your posts to build the conversation, if you want to be found by friends of KindnessInspires.US.

Here are fun ideas we offer to create ripples in the pond!:

#1 ~ Who would you like to thank for their kindness today?

You can be the reason someone smiles today!  Don’t wait to express your appreciation.  Call now, email or send a love note.   We have postcards at our festival creation station and even paid for the postage!

#2 ~ Tell us a story of someone who inspires you with their kindness. (Video & pics are great!)

Becoming a treasured member in the fabric of life means knowing that like the Wizard of Oz, there is no one behind the curtain to magically fix what is not working or provide what we need. We have to have the courage and heart help make the world brighter.

It’s important to say that lots of people want to be recognized for helping family.  While that should never be taken for granted, the goal is to weave bonds with the community, outside your inner circle.  That’s where the magic begins!

 Please use #Thanks4Kindness and #GoodGoesRound in your posts to build the conversation (Or send a private message to us)

#3 ~ Would you like to create a chalk drawing in your neighborhood to ripple kindness?

Please tell us who you are and where you live, so we can echo your ripple! The more this grows the farther it goes!


  1. Decide who to thank for kindness.
  2. Decide where you want to do the drawing.
  3. Draw the words “Kindness Ripples”
  4. Consider using #Thanks4Kindness and #GoodGoesRound in your posts to build the conversation.  That way people will know anyone is invited to participate.
  5. Send us a picture or video of your drawing and a story via the website.  
  6. Most importantly, the point isn’t WHO knows that you did this, but for you to discover HOW AWESOME IT FEELS!
  7. Learn more here.
#4 ~ Share your ideas to spread more kindness. (Let’s learn to do this together!)

We really want to have fun with this.  We are adopting ideas as we go and you might think of something wonderful to share that we haven’t.    (Share your ideas here.)

After the chalk art festival has become another cherished memory, a video of our weekend together will be published. 
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