Welcome to my studio

This is where I live in Lake County, CA.  I’ve been to Tracy’s studio.  Now she can see mine. =)

I made my own chalkboard with cardboard and paint.  It turned out ok, but you can see the ridges of the cardboard and it affects my drawing.

This book is about doing chalk lettering.  I’m just starting to use it.

I made this decal for the side of my RV.  This is below my bed window.

A better view of my backyard.  85 acres of unspoiled land.

A visitor… a snake… not a rattlesnake thankfully.  I hear babies are more poisonous than adults.  Also my frequent visitors include deer, fox, hawks, and birds of many feathers including hummingbirds.  Oh… and lots of flies and mice.  (The yin and yang of everything!)

So this is what I was going for approximately with color

Couldn’t even get close on the color vibrancy.  Even if I was to make a better chalkboard.  The letters a sloppy.  I just wanted an approximation.

It is interesting to note that pastels were richer in color, but on a chalkboard, I think the regular Crayola chalk… bottom, photographs better.

I don’t think at least for the T-Shirt we can do a true chalk drawing for the t-shirt.  There isn’t enough time.  I’m going 100% digital on that.

However, I will make a better chalkboard and try again tomorrow with Crayola chalk.

So that’s what is going on behind the scenes… from a beautiful, wild and very burned landscape in California.

Flying above me to my right as I type now…. =)