Examples of Kindness

Eleven examples of kindness… to jump start your heart and bring more COLOR to the world!

  1. Fix up a public space for the enjoyment of everyone
  2. Offer to take group photos so the camera owner can be part of the memory too
  3. Offer good cheer to people at rest homes, shelters and hospitals, like books on tape, crafting, game night…
  4. Help clean up litter and find solutions to prevent, if possible
  5. Give a person in need housing, perhaps offer a spare room in your home
  6. Donate blood
  7. Help fix something for someone and/or teach them how to fix it themselves
  8. Make people laugh
  9. Put money in expired meters and a love note on their car
  10. Help do yard work or housework for someone who cannot
  11. Leave inspirational poems, books or art in random places

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

"Giving is NOT about being able to afford to do it... It's about deciding it must be done."
                ~ Anonymous ~