Digestive System ~ How it Works and Actions to Support It

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  1. Introduction to “How the Body Works and Actions You Can Do to Support It”
  2. Presentation of the Circulation System and Actions to Support It (lungs / heart, lymph system, kidneys)
  3. Presentation of the Digestive System and Actions to Support It (stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and the intestines) (done)(This page)
  4. Presentation of the Regulation of Nerves and Hormones and Actions to Support It (brain, vagus nerve, hormones)
  5. Presentation of the Environmental Barriers and Actions to Support It (skin / sweat glands, nose, mouth, eyes)




To prepare for our second presentation on “Presentation of the Digestion System and Actions to Support It.”

Digestion is ground zero in creating immune system balance.  Remember what I said last week that about half of your lymph fluid lies in your digestive tract.

There are two basic ways our body produces energy (ATP)

  1. aerobically (with oxygen).   This is done in the mitochondria.
  2. anaerobically (without oxygen).  This is done with fermentation.

There were so many choices on related topics to digestion.  I felt sharing this would help you understand the value of probiotics for energy production.  It will also warm you up to exploring aerobic energy production which is more complex.

There will be words and ideas introduced that you may not understand. Try to fly over it and keep going. I promise in time the gaps in understanding will get easier if you continue learning!

You will find with continued learning that hydrogen is so critical to biologic processes that create energy.  You may have heard of pH or acid / base balance.  pH is the potential of hydrogen.  I’m tickled that one of the requests that we have by members of the group is to explore this.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn a little more, I invite you to watch the video provided by Crash Course:

Digestion, Crash Course, Part 2:  Learn about a guy who lived to be 83 with hole in his stomach around the 1800s.  He became a human guinea pig for science. (Click here)

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