Below is a video of my RV that I made in 2017 just for fun.

The RV has custom decals I made which are easy to remove with a heatgun, if not preferred.  I enjoy it and it makes a great conversation starter.

I am what you might call a “Super Fan” of Robin Williams and the graphics on the back are in reference to the movie “What Dreams May Come.”  (I recommend movie).  These window decals also provide absolute 1-way privacy with strategically placed peep holes.  =)


  • 60,000 miles (Always first question asked, and honestly the least important.  I always spot RV newbies based on that question!)
  • Recent oil change.  I also replaced the radiator fluid at that time as well as a matter of preventative maintence.  Runs well and I’m not aware of any current issues with it.
  • I have all maintenance records and manuals neatly organized in a binder.
  • You will notice that there is some body damage on the overhead cab that hold the bed.  It has been like this since I got this RV nearly 10 years ago.    It happened due to slow leak in an exterior light which has since been fixed.
  • Otherwise the body is in EXCELLENT condition and had been repainted in 2017.  It could probably use a good wax and replacement of the strips running along the sides.  I have them, but haven’t swapped them yet.  (It would take about an hour with scissors and a screw driver.)
  • The interior upholstery has no rips or tears and I have kept most of it covered with my preferred fabrics.  Carpet was replaced in 2017.
  • Rear camera and tow package included.  (Blue Ox Tow Bar extra, $475)


  • 4kW generator Only a minority of RVs have one.  A new generator of this quality is over $4,000.  I assume it adds $2k in value easily.)
  • 4 Solar panels, 2 house batteries and 1 inverter Even fewer RVs have this.  Valued at $1,500.  Will run light electronics such as lights and computer.  (Never a blow dryer or A/C.)
  • Bedroom:  Privacy divider between the bedroom and main area.  Has the capacity to configure either to 2 small beds or 1 larger one. (Also a unique feature of this RV.)  3 closets and large storage under bed.
  • Newer fridge:  Replaced in 2016.  (12V, 110 &/or Propane)
  • HVAC: Overhead A/C and 3 skylights, Propane heating
  • Bathroom: Separate shower with skylight.  Private toilet and sink on other side of hallway which also has a skylight.
  • Kitchen: Oven and double sink.  BOTH with covers to extend usable counterspace. Microwave behind a cabinet above the stove.
  • Front Cabin:  There is an additional bed, above the drivers area.  The dinette table also converts to an additional bed for children.  The table is currently stashed away to create an open seating arrangement.  Across from that space is another second table that I used for eating or computer work, usable for 2.  When not in use I fold down table and secure the foldable chairs against the wall.  This option creates an open and flexible floor plan which adds tremendous value in use, if you need to haul something.  Plus RVs without slides can feel cramped, but slides add huge liability in terms of maintence and damage risk.

As an owner of 4 RVs over 20 years (C class, A class and a 40 foot trailer with 3 slides; I know RVs well.)  C was always my favorite and this RV has been my favorite of them all.

If you are interested in this RV becoming yours please contact me.

~ KC