Looking for a Rental in San Francisco Bay Area (East)

Seeking a private rental in cottage, condo or townhome within 15 minutes of Alamo/Walnut Creek.  (San Francisco Bay Area).

Please call me at (8O5) 2I5-4429 if you would like to discuss.  


  • Start now, but flexible.
  • Always leave a place better than I found it.
  • Stable, reliable income (see below)
  • Great references.
  • 719 credit score (No delinquents or outstanding debt)
  • No pets, non-smoker, and single occupancy.
  • Generally quiet.  Not many visitors, except for something like a nice dinner.
  • Furnished or unfurnished ok (Space for storage or second bedroom/office preferred.  I have a very bad back and need to deal with unpacking very slowly.)
  • Previous residence was Alamo for 8 years and now returning to the area.
  • I’m returning to be closer to loved ones during the pandemic.
  • Home needs to be a peaceful, nurturing place to support this important work.

Landlord References

Here’s my a couple AirBnB references below where I stayed after my home burned by a welder:  https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/4535310

About My Income

I have a housing voucher which will cover up to $2,031 including utilities.  A voucher can give you a peace of mind because that payment is most reliable in an economic downturn.

If you are unfamiliar with Section 8 Vouchers, this type of income it is EXTREMELY valuable because rent comes the same day every month, and is most reliable in this economic downturn which is likely to last 2 years.

Here’s a video link to help with inspections and perspectives from very experienced owners to prepare for success.  THERE ARE GREAT TIPS HERE.  =)  Any owner that cares about the quality of their home will actually appreciate this service.

To understand why I have a voucher and why I work in disaster relief, please see the video below:

I’ve been working to better my life and create a gift for future disaster survivors like myself to optimize their economic outcome.  I have a plan for a resiliency model for the primary home and accessory home.  While working on this, I learned to crowd source RVs for disasters and am applying this wisdom to the COVID situation because it will save lives.

RVMatchMaker.org is a platform I built to crowd source RVs to help front line workers keep their families safe.  Household members of frontline workers that are over age 65 or have pre-existing conditions need protection from getting the virus. (This is the landing page for the pilot launch in the SF Bay Area.  The website  is otherwise currently closed to the public.)

Please call me at (8O5) 2I5-4429 if you would like to discuss or email me.

The sooner I’m re-settled, the sooner I can be 100% focused on RVMatchMaker.

~ Thank you for your interest.

You can see picture of me in my video above.  I am also front and center in this picture, which was taken in front of the building permit center in Paradise, California.  I’ve lived in this area since the Campfire that destroyed the entire town.  I have a lot of wisdom to share from fire survivors for future disaster survivors,  which includes the RVMatchMaker project.