Seeking a 1 Bedroom Rental, North SF Bay. (Please pass on if you have a good lead.)

This video presents the same context written below with some images of my current home.  I hope this info saves us both some time in the search process.

Dear Property Owner or Manager,

I am seeking a rental home that has pride of ownership, privacy and a peaceful environment.  Outdoor space to enjoy is an important factor in my choice of home.  The price I’m willing to pay depends on location and amenities.

I think you will be delighted with my profile because I posses tenant qualities that are hard to find.

In summary:

  • I have a reputation of leaving rentals better than I found them. In fact one landlord liked me so much he only raised my rent $25 in 9 years!
  • I usually pay my rent early. It is rare I wait until the first of the month.
  • My credit score is above average. Last verification was 756.
  • No pets.
  • Non-smoker (of any kind)
  • Single occupancy.
  • My neighbors find me to be very quiet and helpful. (I water plants in their absence, watch dogs and keep things tidy around the property.)

What makes my profile so compelling for you is that my income source is guaranteed. I am a grateful recipient of a Section 8 Voucher. This means you will get your payment on time every month without fail for the duration of the lease.

I’m confident that in today’s economic climate, my unique profile can give you a HUGE peace of mind!

I never dreamed of participating in this housing program, but it became necessary to seek help after serious injuries from a drunk driver changed my capacity.  Now I actively volunteer in my community, with a special interest in helping firestorm survivors.

Attached you will find a reference letter from a property owner who is familiar with the voucher program and can answer questions. I think her letter summarizes quite well what you can expect. (Letter from a property owner about her experience with Section 8.)

It is my intent to occupy my next rental for 2-3 years, or as long as it is a mutually rewarding experience.

Thank you for your sincere consideration.
Kimberly Carr
KC (AT) KindnessInspires.US

Here’s couple AirBnB references from some prior rentals you could verify online.