Request for Sweatshirts from Ellen

Dear ellen, Jazmin and  friends,

I now have Cheerios in my bed and other strange places.  Thank you very much!

On October 14 and 15th in Marietta, Georgia 6 friends are gathering at ChalktoberFest to CREATE MORE KINDNESS in the world.

We are expecting around 80,000 people and the art director has given us free reign to use our best judgement in bringing our A-Game.

This festival is flying in some of the best chalk artists from all over the world and our team has one of the two biggest art spaces in the whole event!

We have dreamed up several fun ways to interact with our visitors while watching Tracy’s art evolve over the course of the weekend.  I am so thrilled she said yes when I asked her in Santa Barbara if she would adopt my dream of using art to ripple kindness.

She is so unbelievably awesome I wanna flip and spin til I’m exhausted!

Here is a 4D piece she did two months ago.

There are many expenses involved in our endeavor, much of which is coming out of my own pocket at this time. They are modest expenses and we are making memories of a lifetime, so I’m ok with that in spite of living in an RV on $1,400 a month!

It would be super helpful if our team of 6 had your beautiful red sweatshirts that say “Be Kind to One Another” so I’m wondering if you can help us out on pricing. (4 Medium & 2 Extra large)

Otherwise, I will design our own t-shirt and order them ASAP since it will be more cost effective for a group order.

Ellen might recall a chalk drawing I did for her in Burbank at the close of  Season 14I’m learning to make videos and getting better at.  Enjoy!

Ellen’s tribute is at the 1 minute mark.  For more details  visit here.

Thanks for your kind consideration. I look forward to your reply.
~ Kimberly Carr (7o7) 5Two9-9589 and KindnessInspires.US