Firestorm Volunteering

Since you are a special friend trying to help me recover my lung capacity, I thought you’d want to know why this happened.

I was exposed to a sewage leak in the slab of a rental in 2021.  That caused alot of lung irritation, but I was also exposed to California firestorms from 2015-2019.  — Over time my body got weaker and weakness accelerated rapidly in 2021.

Here’s some videos from that life journey so you can appreciate where your gift is going and empower my capacity to make the world a better place.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me!

1) Why I did it

2016 – First time I told my story in public

2) Some of what I witnessed

3) What I did for others after major firestorms

4) What I wanted to create until COVID changed my ability to do so

If pressed for time skip to the last 2 hempcrete videos.

Here’s an example of a strawbale home.  I participated with this builder on another home in Southern California.  There is enough straw annually in the U.S. to build 3 million homes.  This straw is otherwise BURNED in the fields annually to make room for the next crop.

This is a similar building material that was just legalized for growth in the U.S. in about 2019.  Within 4 years of agricultural cycles, capacity, state by state commerce will expand, with Colorado and Tennessee being the most expansive and states bordering Canada.(Those states learned from Canada who has been growing it the past 20 years!)

What the heck… one more… =)  I went to Colorado for the first hemp build in this state. was supposed to be my virtual home for this project. With COVID, I had to move and stop the project. Due to my current illness, my focus now is on learning how the body works and actions to support it. This is essential to surviving my current medical condition. I hope I succeed.

I need to do a fundraiser for treatment and equipment.  I need a home sauna to sweat out toxins, and treatment for my damaged neurons / axons / mitochondria which include NAD IVs, red light therapy, a radical change in diet and a home EWOT system.

Donations can be accepted at this link or you may contact me at this email.

Wishing you well.  Thanks for visiting!
Kimberly (~ KC)