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I am forced by necessity to be my own best medical advisor and to pursue care at the lowest cost possible. 

Donations are required to meet my needs for a full recovery.  If you have any sense of me, you know I’m very thrifty and all funds offered will be used wisely, for myself and others.

To meet goals in a way that is mutually beneficial for us, I have invested hundreds of hours into creating presentations for free and am offering “Brain Snacks” by donation.

To learn more about my perspectives, (CLICK HERE)  This is where you can read my story, my opinion on why we have to be our own doctors and some parting words for you to offer courage and strength on your own journey.

To reach my/our  goals, I have created “Brain Snacks” that are password protected content available for a limited time.   (Good food has a limited shelf life… Ha Ha!  — The real reason I’m doing this is that it assures you read this in a timely fashion and that I can change the password periodically to protect the content. )

Here are some snacks I made for you:

    • Snack #1 – What Bio-Toxins Are and Impact on the Body
    • Snack #2 – Test Your Body to Determine Status
    • Snack #3 – Test Your Home to Determine Status
    • Snack #4 – Recognize YOUR Toxic Exposure Sources (Checklist)
    • Snack #5 – Evaluate The Safety Of The Products You Use
    • Snack #6 – The Benefits Of Hormetics Explained: Nutrition, Exercise, Heat Stress, Calorie Restriction
    • Snack #7 – Breathing And Coldwater Immersion Practices For Boosting Lymph
    • Snack #8 – Insight On My Routine To Support My Circulation
    • Snack #9 – Ideas for Kidney Support
    • Snack #10 – Building A Homemade Oxygen Exercise Machine (Special Terms Apply to Access)
    • Snack #11 – Making fermented food. An overview and some recipes.
    • Snack #12 – Maintaining proper and frequent stool elimination.
    • Snack #13 – Managing oils and lipids in the diet.
    • Snack #14 – Managing your pH and why it is important.
    • Snack #15 – Using anti-fungals in the diet. Why and what are my options?

Each snack is offered for kind donation of $10 or more each, depending on your interest and ability to help.  After your donation, I will follow up with an email to see which topics you would like to read .

I’d be so very grateful for your help!
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