UPDATE: Due to the enormous firestorms in California, I have no energy to further nurture this kindness project, but I like it’s potential a great deal.

I think the project will return, but I have no idea when that will be.


Feelings are like the music soundtracks to our lives. The tone of this music changes EVERYTHING.   The better we feel, the more empowered we can be collectively in everything we do.


We hope you will help us spread the idea by thanking people in unique ways for their kindness.  There are so many ways to do that with chalk drawings. (This was a neighborhood hangout Robin enjoyed and still frequented by those he loved, so we made it a discrete tribute.  Including his brother of another mother; “MP”)

Here are fun ideas we offer to create ripples in the pond!

#1 ~ Who would you like to thank for their kindness today?

You can be the reason someone smiles today!  Don’t wait to express your appreciation.


While it is your art to do as you please, we feel stating the following is helpful:

  1. Try to get permission first to do it or keep it small.
  2. Use best judgement with traffic flow.
  3. Use only TEMPORARY sidewalk chalk as a medium. NO paints, oils, gesso, liquid pastels or fixatives.
  4. Sweeping the site or even washing it with water and letting it dry, gives best results.
  5. The focus is on the kindness, not Joe’s widgets, but Joe might sell widgets,
  6. Try not to make it  a business advertisement in the drawing itself.  (The focus is on the kindness, not Joe’s widgets, but Joe might sell widgets, so use artistic discretion to be sure it’s about kindness not Joe’s widgets.  …mmmkay?)
  7. Artwork should be appropriate for all viewing ages.
  8. To clean up just pour water on it. For heavy chalk a whisk broom with water will remove the rest.
#2 ~ Tell us a story of someone who inspires you with their kindness. (Video & pics are great!)

Becoming a treasured member in the fabric of life means knowing that like the Wizard of Oz, there is no one behind the curtain to magically fix what is not working or provide what we need. We have to have the courage and heart help make the world brighter.

It’s important to say that lots of people want to be recognized for helping family.  While that should never be taken for granted, the goal is to weave bonds with the community, outside your inner circle.  That’s where the REAL magic begins!

#3 ~ Would you like to create a chalk drawing in your neighborhood to ripple kindness?

We think some participation guidelines and “how to” videos for creation could be helpful.


Tips for Sidewalk Chalking

Creative 3D ART – Examples and Links to Tutorials


  1. Decide who to thank for kindness.
  2. Decide where you want to do the drawing.
  3. Draw the words #Thanks4Kindness and add this website URL “KindnessInspires.US” on your post.  If you do people will know anyone is invited to participate and inspire them to do the same.  (We aren’t active on social media now, but if you do this, it will build whether or not we become active.)
  4. Send us a picture or video of your drawing and a story.
  5. Most importantly, the point isn’t WHO knows that you did this, but for you to discover HOW AWESOME IT FEELS TO DO THIS!

Do you have your chalk ready?
Here are Amazon links for you
(or visit your local art store)