More About THAT Story…

Welcome and thank you for being here.

This page will explain why I acquired immune system illness, my limited options for recovery, and my proposal to you.

Why I Acquired Immune System Illness

As a result of prolongued exposure to a sewage leak in the slab of my prior home I was exposed to abundant mold mycotoxins and bacteria which made me very ill. It resulted in significant cognitive decline and damaged my body in so many ways. Lyme disease and other pathogens often arise when the body is weakened by toxins.

The water damage was hidden by the owner and must have been going on for at least a decade which was apparent after reviewing the evidence that could not be covered. You may recall the big storm in October when we got 7 inches in 2 days. I had a stroke 2 days later and ended up on the ER.

My Limited Options for Recovery

I’ve since moved, lost half of my possessions and have significant medical expenses to recover. Undoing the damage takes a lot of time unfortunately.

Suing a landlord for an intentional cover-up of the home’s condition cannot help me heal, nor would recovery of any expenses be timely. I am forced by necessity to be my own best medical advisor and to pursue care at the lowest cost possible.

I have chronically low oxygen as a consequence. This is breaking down my body further and I am at risk of another stroke. I some plans to address it and need help. My goal is to raise $5,000 by June 1 for an infrared sauna, a PEMF matt, replacing my couch, and creating a homemade LiveO2 oxygen exercise system. I also want to hire a Bredesen trained doctor to assist me.

This amount I’m seeking doesn’t cover all my expenses, but it will help get me on my way. And if you have any sense of me, you know I’m very thrifty and all funds offered will be used wisely.

My Proposal to You

To meet my goals in a way that is mutually beneficial for us, I have created 5, one hour long presentations for free and am offering “Brain Snacks” by donation.

To learn more about this offering, please visit my donation page (CLICK HERE)