Introduction – About My Why

This is a hobby website and it was the easiest landing spot I could quickly make available for communicating the ideas I offer.

About My Why (My Story)…

As a result of my exposure to a sewage leak in the slab of my prior home I was exposed to abundant mold and bacteria that made me very ill. It resulted in significant cognitive decline and damaged my body in so many ways. Lyme disease and other pathogens often arise when the body is weakened by toxins. Undoing the damage takes a lot of time unfortunately.  (More about THAT story…)

Our culture has taught us there is a pill for every ill.  THAT IS RIDICULOUS!  After learning how to be your on doctor, you will understand why.  I think setting the expectation that this is a process that takes time will help you be realistic about your commitment as you begin the journey to get your bounce back. There will be great energy days or huge leaps in your wisdom and not so great days that lessen with time.

I found from my experience that Western medicine is good at acute care, and horrible in preventing chronic diseases caused by an immune system that is failing.

If you aren’t clear about this fact and adapt,
you cannot recover, IMHO.

Why Does Western Medicine Fail Us? (And Why We Need to Be Our Own Doctor)

  1. Lack of relevant medical courses by design; It is a well known fact now that there is a lack of education on diet in med school.  Additionally, it is interesting that immunology is one of the most in demand capstone courses, according to Stanford University Medical School, but it is also the area of practice with the least resources in disease PREVENTION.
  2. The whole medical system is driven by insurance and grant seeking behavior for product development. Neither incentivizes prevention of chronic disease and product companies often profit from it.  (Watch this documentary if you don’t fully grasp that concept: What the Health? )
  3. Insurance companies for health and property wishing to limit their liability from toxic exposures.
  4. Doctor may not want to fight with providing education in proving proximate cause for illness incurred by elements we are exposed to in our environment.
  5. Doctors are siloed by body parts and specialties.  They rarely interact with each other.   A toxin affects the heart as well as the kidneys and liver and much more.  The medical system gives the illusion of collaborating by making our personal health data less protected, when they promised sharing it would help us.  Better care is rarely the case.
  6. Recovery from severe illness is a HUGE investment of time in changing lifestyle and environment.  There are general guidelines, but sometimes it takes detective work or major habit changes.  All doctors are over-worked and cannot give you as much time as you may truly need.  Even if you are blessed to find a good functional medicine doctor, the hard reality is they are not paid enough through insurance (if you are so lucky) or even by direct pay.
  7. And finally, immunology is among the most demanding (and most rewarding) intellectual pursuits in understanding the human body.

This lack of external support is such an emotionally loaded topic on all sides that results in a lot of pain for people who need answers to thrive.

Bless the doctors who try to pick up where the western medical system failed us all. They are rare and very precious!

As a patient who is suffering with many symptoms and unanswered questions, I took on learning how to be my own doctor!

And So My Journey to Recovery Begins With Research…

I decided to approach this ENORMOUS intellectual query by first asking myself, what are the organs the support detoxification, how do they work and how can I support them?

Many people don’t know what their liver or kidneys do or what the lymph system does for example. The huge problem with that is that if you don’t know what those organs do, you won’t know how your actions can support or hurt your body.

Deep investment in managing my own health was the best decision I could possibly make because I realized a wealthy person is likely to get only marginally better care for chronic illness than the average person. (I’m thinking of a very special person who faced that reality who is no longer with us…. Nanu, Nanu.)

The Journey…. Is a Continuum of Deeper Understanding

This educational pursuit will never be a perfect process with a final destination, but rather a continuum of understanding and practice. You will also make mistakes and bad choices out of fatigue or lack of time, but the beautiful thing is that you will recognize the error and will improve. Most people never recognize their errors or why it needs to change.

Our bodies absorb so much over a lifetime, intentionally or not. If you invest a lot of time in health education in the manner described, you will likely feel the same as I do about choosing to invest the time. And you can be better at choosing your medical advisors and engaging them in conversation. Good doctors will love this approach because it wakes up their brain as to why they chose the health profession and their intellectual capacity.

The wisdom I gathered include three doctors conferences and over 150 doctor presentations. (All presentations were over an hour long.) Almost none of them are paid by insurance companies. Additionally I spend another several hundred hours in structured research and writing. From this I found common threads of wisdom and put together my own action plan for treatment. This will be useful for engaging my doctors in consultations that will be more collaborative.

I wish it wasn’t a life threatening condition that resulted in losing so much vitality that brought me here, but that is the case. By sharing what I learn, I encourage your journey while deepening my own understanding.

If any reader wishes to donate to my medical expenses and research that I share with you, I would be so grateful. (CLICK HERE)

If I’m successful in getting my bounce back and helping you, then it will be one of the best things I ever did in my life.

Thank you for joining me here and good luck in your journey.

P.S I promise to use common English and avoid medical jargon which obfuscates understanding! ~=)