I am very distressed that I have to give my limited life energy to asserting my need and right for healthy indoor air quality. Further, I would think the owner would be concerned about the consequences of such neglected maintenance in terms of electrical damage, fire hazard, and mold.

This is a VERY air tight structure because sound proofing is a design feature of this building… to the extent that the HOA even mandates how nail holes are treated. We must get moisture out of the unit quickly, as designed via the ducts provided. I believe you will find bird’s nests in the exit vents as the primary source of the low airflow problem, but that is a guess. Also the dirt in the HVAC and extent of mold in the system and home is significant, as demonstrated by the pictures provided.

Damage to my health and the building from these conditions is preventable. Resolving the issues raised is for the owner’s benefit, as much as it is mine.

I would like to think I am an ideal tenant and wish to be treated as such. I pay my rent early, much of that rent is guaranteed in spite of a global recession, I spent a lot of time fixing things I didn’t have to do and have gone out of my way to be nice.

I hope going forward I can receive the consideration I believe I merit. I have always had great relationships with my prior rental owners because of the care and respect I offer, and hope for the same in return.

Please find the links to all relevant correspondence at this DropBox address.

Thank you.